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Anthea Elaine Bonifacio
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June 10th
3:07 AM Philippines Time

My Girlfriends :) I Miss them :(

Kristine Jeanelle Pacle. BS Electronics in Communications Engineering.

We call her Jeanelle but she use Kristine on her Facebook account. An achiever. Small but terrible (in terms of academic records). IECEP Officer since 1st year college. A “school-bahay-girl”, and because of that we seldom have her in our outing, and trippings. Though, she is a reliable person. I still remember the time that when we are not yet close, she volunteer to teach me the dance step for our P.E. that will be performed the next day. I was touched. Since, it was already late and the lights on our gymnasium we’re already turned off, still, she did not hesitate to teach me. If you do not know her well, you might think he is angry because at times, she has a mannerism of talking in an angry tone, but it’s not. Most of all, Jeanelle is a religious person.

Karen Grace Antonio. BS Electronics and Communications Engineering.

We call her Karen (others call her Kreng). Adventurous. Boyish but really a girl.  The youngest on the group and even on our class. But inspite of her young age having an older friend like us (about 2-3 years), she still manage to be in good company with her friends. She has a mature thinking, since she is the eldest in her family. We are often together playing DOTA (actually, the four of us are playing that game. Karen, Romie, Jeanelle and me.) She have a large group of friends. And she never run out of scheduled “gimiks” that sometimes makes her broke. You can not talk to her while she’s texting because her focus is on her cellphone. I still remember the time when we talk on the cellphone from night till morning and we might have not stop our discussion unless she was asked by her father to sleep. She is sometimes mistaken as a lesbian because of her boyish look. Karen is always on-the-go. Easy to be with and you will never get bored talking to.

Romie Jane Espiritu. BS Computer Engineering.

We call her Romie (or sometimes, Rumi). SK Chairman. Weird yet fun. Pickle minded but a Listener. She is the first that I knew in our group since we have the same course. Probably the childish in the group but a great “Ate” in her siblings. Romie had transform into “Jologs” to fashion conscious. She usually have an identity change (don’t know what the exact term). She is a family loving person. I can say that Romie is just easy to make happy. She just smiles when someone teases him and cry silently when pissed. I missed those times that she keep on sending text/group messages but of course I know that she busy right now. Yeah, Romie is really weird at times but that makes her unique. If you will just get to know her better, you will see her like a child. Carefree, innocent, shallow, playful and a learner. She accepts new challenge like singing, leadership, playing instrument and other things to improve herself. I can say that Romie is a chameleon who likes to fit in this constant changing world.

Hannah Sheena Manuel. BS Business Administration.

We call her Sheena. A model. A beauty queen. As you can see in her pic, she’s tall and definitely fitted to join for a Beauty contest. She doesn’t play DOTA (we have not teach her yet. LOL).She is actually, the last to be added on our group. We know her already before she became a part of our group. Since she has a different course from us, others mistaken her as an Engineering student too for being with a group of Engineering students. We actually had a first impression of her as snob and “maarte” but as we get along with her, we have realized that she is funny and hype. She never run out of stories. And despite of her beauty queen look, she was never “maarte”. What I like about her is that she does not choose whom to be friend with and though hher father is a lawyer, she’s not a brand conscious. I find her cute everytime she have a child-like manners specially when she tends to get irritated. Sheena is really a beauty inside and out.

This pic was taken at Hydro Retreat House. I guess this is our first picture that all of us are complete because most of the time our schedules does not meet.

A different attitude blends together that makes a beautiful friendship. :)

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